Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quilting Scissors: the good, the bad, and the dangerously sharp

I have been known to be enamored with a pair of scissors or two...or maybe more like 20 as you can see from the army of snipping soldiers shown here.

Having too many pairs has never even crossed my mind, but losing my favorite ones is an obvious concern.  I mark each and every pair with either a key-chain, a small strip of fabric with my name on it, or even a skinny bit of hand dyed felted wool (see odd looking 'tag' on the left side).

This helps me make it home with my own pair and fends off my family from accidentally using them for non-quilting purposes.  You-know-what has no fury like a quilter's scorn if her quilting scissors have been used on...paper (horrors!!!).

So here's the line up:

1)  Gingher: you cannot beat their 5" version for general quilting use.  I adore these for cutting out applique pieces, and cutting out tricky shapes.  They seem to be less than $20 on Amazon right now.  I think I paid close to twice that.   This is bar none my favorite pair.  Nuf said.

I have larger versions that are good for cutting through more layers, but the 5" version is the bee's knees.

2)  Clover:  Their 7 3/4" scissors are insane, and really 'get it done' if you are looking to cut out fabric that you will be hand piecing.  They cut easily through many layers and are my top pick for 'scissor monster' - really in a class of their own.
(avail at Jinny Beyer's site)

Smaller versions are also nice, but I don't like them as much as the Gingher's for applique and tight work.

3)  Sajou:  Only a French company could create scissors this beautiful.  They are the "Chanel" of the cutting world and my pick for most beautiful.  They come in small sizes and are very precise.  Great for applique, and small ones are generally useful to keep around for cutting threads here and there.  Of course...there is always a cost for beauty, and you'll probably notice these are not for those minding their pennies.

Available at Bagsmith and also PurlSoho

If you have a brand that you're loyal to, let me know what it is and why you love it so.

Oh, and in case you noticed the awesome cup I'm keeping them in, why yes...I did throw that by hand in my recent ceramics class. 

And finally - are you reeeeeeaaaaaaaaady?!!  PIQF starts tomorrow!  If you're there on Saturday, maybe you'll bump into me.


Julie Fukuda said...

One lady in my quilt group has a very loud jingle bell attached to her scissors. I think with the next pair I buy, I will get a lock and put it between the hand grips. My husband knows he is not to use my sewing scissors but he seems to think just one snip is OK. Plastic binding on a package? Those shears will never cut the full length again.

Lynne said...

I'm pretty safe these days, children grown up, grandchildren also getting there, or live too far away to worry about hurting themselves, and my other half would never DREAM of touching my scissors!

I have quitre abunch, but keep going back to the same three pair, tiny, medium and shears. The paper scissors just exist, they don't hold such meaning for me.

AnnaVallance said...

Yes, I did notice the cup rather then the scissors. I love pottery and your cup looks great.

Kathie said...

my favorite scissors right now are the ones by Kay Buckley do you have those? green handles???
they come in two sizes small wonderful for hand work and trimming /cutting thread
and large ones that just cut fabric without any effort...amazing.
send me an email I will send you a pair of the little ones I have to have an extra!

material girl said...

does anybody know of the make or source for some textile scissors, that come on a strap with a cover for the blades that you can wear round you neck?