Saturday, October 6, 2012

Storing tools for sewing and knitting

Once in a while I stumble across the work of an artist that makes me fall in love.

When I saw the ceramics that Karin Eriksson made in collaboration with Camilla Engman through Manos Ceramics, I found a stunning way to keep better track of some important tools of mine. 

When I am in the mood to quilt or knit I don't want to wonder where my favorite tools are. Some of the smaller ones like finger cots, short sock needles and darning needles used to roam all over my house with free reign to live in various project bags.

Not so much anymore.

The containers from Manos are a beautiful way to store some of my more frequently used tools.

Manos ships internationally with very good turnaround time and careful packing for safe arrival.  Since a trip to visit their shop in Stockholm isn't on my radar in the near future, goodies in the mail will have to do for now.

Do you have a special, beautiful way to store your tools?  I'd love to hear your secrets.


Lynne said...

Hi Marisa, love your pots. Yes, so much nicer to have your tools and odds and ends kept in good-looking containers - and you do know where they are! I have lost various important artefacts over the years because of random storage, so now I use nice mugs for pencils, paintbrushes and scissors. My promarker watercolour pens are stored upright in a lovely brightly painted tin pail (about the size of a jug) and my other markers which must lie flat live in a wicker cutlery tray with divisions, all nicely visible on my desk. I do love storage, which is strange as I am not a naturally tidy person!

Oiyi said...

Beautiful containers! I am going to have to take a look.