Monday, March 4, 2013

Nothing Rhymes with Oranges

When runny noses and sniffles roll around, we stock up our fruit bowl with our own favorite ammunition: tangerines!

I don't have a tree, but maybe we should get one.  I could afford an orchard after all the fruit we go through on a weekly basis.  It's a sweet treat that you can feel less guilt over, since of course, it's keeping you healthy (or this is what I'm telling myself at least).

I've taken photos of the oranges for you before, but this batch was really sweet.

Hope your weekend was relaxing.  I ended up doing some hand quilting with a few friends...and also:

 - Enjoyed TV mini-series called Lost In Austen - very cute for those addicted to Austen, it should go on the short list.

- Fell in love with some quilting friendly art: framed decorative scissors

- Discovered the music of Kishi Bashi - who knew I'd be getting into violin music?

I did not yet take over the giant dining room table with my sewing machine, but one never knows what will happen this week.  Thanks to all of you for the encouragement!

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AnnaVallance said...

Our fruit bowl is also filled with tangerines which get trucked up to us from your part of the country. When it is snowing outside, we have sunshine inside with these little orbs of sweetness.