Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friendship Bracelet Central & Giveaway Winner

Summer camp continues around here and the kids have been enjoying some relaxation.

Our 7 yr old has taken up making friendship bracelets like MAD!  

We can hardly make him put them down when he needs to go the the bathroom.  If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.

I'm modeling his first fancy one in a  "V" shape.  It's amazing how much fun you can have making these for friends and how much people appreciate getting them.  I really love mine.

It's been a super busy week for me and I have so many more topics to cover, but they will need to wait for next time.  

The winner of the Sew What! Skirts book give away is Barb!  

Barb, drop me an email at quilt (dot) baby at hotmail (dot) com and I'll send your book out in the mail to you next week.  Enjoy it!

Hope you are all having a nice and quilting weekend.

I've been getting the very strong urge to spend another day in San Francisco.  Calling my name for a visit soon is:

- March - A kitchen shop, but more like a gallery of what your kitchen decor may want to look like when you finally get around to that remodel

- Flora Grubb - My favorite nursery on the planet.  Always a challenge not to spend my entire paycheck in 1 visit, or buy too many plants to fit in my trunk

- Peapod Fabrics - quilt shop with tons of Japanese influenced fabrics.  Nuf said.

- Smitten Ice Cream - using liquid nitrogen, they make your favorite flavor from milk, cream and other good stuff.  Located in the Proxy Project - a 2 block radius of coolness in the previously-questionable-now-hip Hayes Valley area of SF

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