Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quilting with whips, chains, and leather!

Well, ok.  This post isn't really a deviation from my usual G-rated content, nor will I cover actual topics similar to those discussed in an unmentionable song by Rihanna.

I'm not exactly thinking of using whips and chains in my quilts.

I have thought about using chains before since Chanel uses them in their jacket liners to weigh down the garments.  

In this case I actually have leather on my mind. 

It's mostly CreativeBug's fault!

First of all, I ran into the above pot holder when I was in The General Store recently.  It reminded me of the free form stitching that is the crazy cousin of Japanese Sashiko.

It's certainly a quilted piece but the tiny bit of leather dresses it up and makes me think it will last longer than if it had a simple fabric loop.

I also happened to wander past Elke Bergeron's CreativeBug class on making a leather clutch.  I watched the 25 min class and got really excited to incorporate a little bit of leather in some quilted projects like pot holders or maybe small bags.

Elke herself makes some really beautiful bags.  I will be keeping an eye on her work.

Meanwhile, I want to check out some leather in person and may plan an excursion to Tandy Leather in San Bruno.

There is an etsy shop called bookhauathome that has some leather and fabric bags that would also be fun to use to tote around a small hand quilting project and your keys and wallet.  Nice muted colors.  Just beautiful.

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Granny Maud's Girl said...

I had a lovely wool iPad case with leather straps. The only downside: my little dog thought those straps were YUMMY. I repaired it and replaced the eaten straps with fabric, but you are right that the touch of leather improved it.