Friday, August 16, 2013

Is Summer Over? Can we make soup yet?

Summer is almost over and kids are back starting to think about school.

Does that mean that I can make soup?

Recipe for best soup on earth:

1)  1/2 white onion + 2 shallots + 2 cloves garlic  +4 carrots (saute)

2)  add in 2 peeled Russet potatoes, 1 peeled apple, 1 med peeled yam, small amount of fresh grated ginger, salt, pepper

3)  add 1 box chicken broth or less if veg are all covered with liquid (add more later you you want, note you cannot remove any to make it thicker!)

4)  simmer on med-low-ish for about 30 min or until things are soft when poking w/ a fork, remove from heat

stick blend it like mad

enjoy it, don't tell anybody else how to make this, demand kisses for it or at least complements about your hair

Let's keep this our little secret, shall we?

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