Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Image Transfers: Creativebug

I've taken to watching random Creativebug classes at night before bed in order to relax.

I probably should not just watch 'whatever' because it makes me want to collect more tools and get into new things that I don't have time or space for.

The class I just watched on Image Transfers by Courtney Cerruti was super fun and requires little more than a roll of packing tape.  

She shows you how to use it to make transparent images from your own photos and also from other forms of printed media.

I was having a blast going through my latest Dwell magazine, pulling out pages to do some transfers.  Even my DH thought it was pretty cool.  In the end you have these awesome stickers that you can use for notebooks or just about anywhere.

I've been putting mine on my quilter's notebooks where I store small fabric scraps and inspirational notes.

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