Monday, November 25, 2013

Hand Quilting: Beads and more Yoko English!

Natalie Chanin's hand applique work often includes beads.

I have tried using them here and there on small projects, but I have it in my mind to try and make a larger garment with them all over it.  Either a tank top or a skirt probably.  I have ordered some of the beads from her site and starting to play around with them a bit.

One of the tricks is finding a needle small enough to get them on there but also with a large enough eye to get the thick button craft thread through it.  A delicate balance for sure.

Jennifer from See How We Sew blog recently alerted me to a give away she hosted some time back for Yoko Saito's new book.  It's quite rare to run into a publication by her in English, so I'm excited to get a copy of it.  it's called House Warming Patchwork.  Looks like you can already order it online.

Not sure I can wait for Santa to get my own copy of it!  ;)


Jay said...

Hi Marisa, I've been waiting to see that new book. I just looked at the Amazon page. It looks to be all pieced blocks. I prefer her books that contain appliqué as well. But also, I wanted to let you know that six of Yoko Saito's books are available in English translation from Stitch Publications. You can find all of them at this link.
I have all six and I am absolutely thrilled. It's so wonderful to be able to read them all in English. The woman who own Stitch Publications did the translations. Hopefully she will continue translating and we will see more books in the new year. Best regards and Happy Thanksgiving! Jay

Jay said...

Marisa, Sorry if my comment comes through more than once. Blogger was fighting me tooth and nail tonight. Technology is not my friend today. Jay