Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend fun: Polaroid

I took this photo around this time of year back in 2010 when my dad was visiting us and we took a trip to the California Academy of Sciences.  They have a Living Roof covered with all sorts of grasses.  Below the air vent windows you see here they have an indoor rain forest complete with butterflies that will on occasion land on you.

I got the wild hair to dig out some of my Polaroid Manipulation photos after downloading and watching the Timezero move about the end of film production and the last year of Polaroid. The movie also shows the hope of the future of the film and the 14 people who started the Impossible project to try and save it all...which of course they did.

Awesome movie, so easy to download for less than the cost of a pizza.  Highly recommend it.

There are lots of Polaroid manipulations out there, a process of using old Timezero film, heating up the developed image with either a blow dryer, or a heating pad, and smooshing the inks around with sculpting tools.  I went out of my way to create them for many years.  I keep saying I should do something with them all.  This movie inspired me to show them to the kids.  They really loved that.

I did too.

Hope your weekend has been as swell as mine.  I got some knitting done too on  the side of the soccer field. 

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