Monday, January 13, 2014

Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter

For Christmas, I'm not the easiest person on the planet to shop for, but yarn is always welcome. 

Between my little sister and my DH, they gave me a sweater's worth of yarn from Brooklyn Tweed's yarn line called Shelter in colorway Thistle.

I have not swatched for the sweater yet, but I'm looking forward to it.  I want to make this pattern called Greenwood that is a pretty simple looking cowl neck pullover.  

Some impressions on the yarn:

It is super squishy and lofty.  It will probably be very warm.  I has a lot of bounce and personality, more than most yarns I've seen.  The color is out of this world. 

It did break when I first put it into my yarn ball winder, so I think it is quite delicate.  I don't knit super tightly so hopefully it will not break during the process of knitting.

I noticed an unusual amount of VM (AKA veg matter, AKA hay or other prickly scratchy stuff) in the yarn.  I guess I'll try to pick it out it as I go although I'm still not totally sure what to do in truth. 

The yarn is otherwise very nice so I will press on. 

Call me a sucker for a good shade of purple and an nice bouncy yarn.

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