Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alabama Chanin Skirt - Progress Report

Just a quick progress report for you on my Alabama Chanin DIY skirt.

It's almost 25% done and I'm still really REALLY getting a kick out of working on it. 

Because the paint color is almost the same as the background fabric, it is strangely easier to work on in the evening with a lamp rather than in daylight.

It's easy to cut out the pieces though on the weekends during the day so that is sort of how I'm sorting out the sew/cut work.

Maybe I'll finish it up over the Winter Olympics or something.  I'm already looking forward too that.

I think that the Alabama Chanin Company will soon come out with a non-hand made line of clothing that should still be made in the USA but will probably be more affordable.  I'm really looking forward to checking that out.

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