Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wishy Washy on Washi Tape

Lots of people are obsessed with washi tape

I had picked up a couple of rolls of it but was still warming up to it.

If you look around out there for photos of what people do with it, it's really sort of amazing.

Since it has Japanese roots, I figured I should pick up some in colors that I like more and see if it sticks, har har.

I stuck a bunch of it over the keys on my computer keyboard just for fun.  Good thing I can type.  My little 3rd grader might get a kick out of playing his learn to type game on it now.  Certainly a much better challenge.

Trying to relax on a week night triggered a session of Dawson's Creek watching on Netflix.  Wow, it's been a long time.  This was seriously 'it' back in 1998.  I even love the songs!  Maybe I'm showing my age here.  I should stop now before you lose all respect for me.

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