Monday, January 20, 2014

Antique Quilt: Double Wedding Ring construction mystery

The 1930's double wedding ring quilt that is usually on my bed is missing only a couple of small pieces.  

They are just altogether gone leaving little traces behind.

I have owned this quilt for a good while now and perhaps subliminally known that the construction method was not what I would have done if I was the quilt maker.

Each of the colored pieces were sewn to the next using a sewing machine.  Then the rings were hand appliqued down to the background fabric.  

The pattern is so beautiful that I have considered making one many times.  I have only thought to do a pieced version though.  Hand applique on the edges of both sides of all the rings seems too much work to be reasonable.  I would never finish it! 

It is cool that somebody else finished it using this method.  I guess I love this quilt even more now.  It made me want to to some repair work on the missing squares out of respect of all the work that went into the hand applique.

It's kinda funny really that I never tried to figure out the construction method used on this before.  The quilt and I finally understand each other.  Sorry it took me so long, my friend.

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Jodi said...

Oooh, that looks so pretty, but you're just teasing us with that glimpse! It's great you're repairing it. It would be a shame for it to continue to deteriorate. xo