Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Let it Rain!

In some parts of North America, people are getting a little relief from the snow.

Here in the California Bay Area, we are finally getting some long overdue rain and we're all really excited about it.

Kids get to bring out super-hero themed umbrellas and I get a good excuse to stay in and do some extra sewing and knitting.

During the last storm my kids got the block village and build a pretty considerable tiny city up.  Including a section of London, a small railroad, and a forest full of trees and sheep of all things.  That would be a knitter's dream forest!

I actually don't mind a little stay at home catch up.  I also discovered that after several hours of culling away that my office does indeed have a floor that does not include boxes all over it.  I minor miracle really. 

The really big news this week is that Flat Stanley arrived at our house.  It was sent to us from my niece.  He is busy learning to drive, and also learning to knit.  I'll have to teach him how to quilt as well perhaps later tonight. 

In other random wanderings, I found Yumiko Higuchi's amazing site devoted to her embroidery.  It makes me want to run out and embroider everything.  I was never a huge fan of embroidery, it seemed very grannie to me before I saw Yoko Saito use it in conjunction with applique.  Now that I've seen how Yumiko uses it, I could understand getting really really into it.

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