Friday, April 25, 2014

Catkin by Carina Spencer and the inside joke

For some reason our TV brings up a screen saver tied to my flickr stream.  

My DH probably thought I would like it and my guess is he set it up in order to be sweet.

As a result of that, when the TV goes into 'sleep' mode, it often times shows photos of my quilting and knitting.

For some very very odd reason, it always wants to bring up pictures of a scarf that I made out of crochet some time ago.  

That said, every once in a blue moon it shows a photo of one of the kids playing sports or something, but it shows the scarf so often that my family has taken to cheering and applauding when photos of the scarf come up.  Which, frankly, is quite often.  They dance around the room and cheer as if our team has just won the world series or something.

Because of this annoying little inside joke, I am hesitant to create a flickr set for the new shawl I just knit.  I took a boat load of photos of it (as usual) but am not sure if the TV will pick them up or if the boys will start an applause campaign for it if it starts showing up too often.

I'm taking a chance anyhow, so enjoy more photos of this shawl on flickr if you dare.  Or stop by my living room and watch my TV screen saver if you like.

Notes about the knitting over on Ravelry (public link, no need to login) if you're curious about yarn and such.  It knit it up quickly because I was bent on having one just like my friend Marianne's that I showed you previously.

How about a standing ovation for my shawl.  The    crowd    goes    wild!

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