Monday, April 28, 2014

Color Inspiration: Getting to know Emily Green

It's not easy to wear a macaroni necklace out in public, but I have been known to do so if a particularly good one comes home from school.

I've wondered if a more adult version exists for some time and I think I finally found it.

Emily Green is an artist that makes her own clay bead necklaces out of Australia.  I treated myself to her 18 bead creation called Beatrice.  It's hardly a small ornament, but I don't think she's going for subtlety and when I wear it neither am I.  What caught my eye was the bright purple in the lower right side.  That is one of my favorite colors right now.

If I wanted to put the most perfect combination of colors together with the right amount of each I'm not sure I could do as well as Emily has here.

And if you cannot resist a somewhat 'ugly' green color (like me) you should see her version called Lola.  This one is probably better for summer, but Beatrice matched my newly minted handmade skirt better so the decision was pretty easy.

I'm thrilled to own my very first Emily Green creation and I'm planning to save up for another one.  

If you see me on the street wearing it, you may get a sore neck straining to get another look at it.  It's really that pretty.

Hope that you're finding your own small thrills to help your week along.

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