Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shall the lost actually be found?

Name:  First Argyle Sock for my darling 8 yr old
Born: April 5th, 2014
Date Missing:  April 25th, 2014
Missing From: my messy office, but your guess is really as good as mine

Not to rip off the formatting from the side of a milk carton missing person's report or anything here, but I think it's time to put the word out.

I've always wondered if those missing people actually run away because of some horrible situation they are in or if they just found love in some other place.

Perhaps either of those could apply to the missing sock (can socks fall in love?), but I am at a serious cross roads here.  

Do I press forward and knit another one with hopes that the lost shall be found?  Do I dare knit 3 of these things?  (my DH has stated a prophecy that the first sock will literally fall from the sky and land on my head the moment I finish the 3rd one if I end up knitting it)

The best solution seems to be to taking a sewing break for the short term.  

Maybe I should put 'If Lost Please Return To' tags on my projects ala Paddington Bear.   

Either way, if you have seen my sock, feel free to give it back.   Now!

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