Monday, October 6, 2014

Hexagon Quilt: English Paper Piecing

These days I spend more time running around with the family and less time quilting so it's kinda big news when I finish a quilt top.

I was not trying to make a huge quilt with this hexagon project, more of a small wall hanging. 

Now that I see it all together, I sort of wish I had made it bigger.  It's rather cool.

I have been dragging it around with me, working on in her and there so it's a bit wrinkled in the photo, but still...the top is DONE!

That doesn't mean the quilt is done, of course.  My favorite part is still to come...the quilting part. 

Next I need to put some borders on it and baste it in prep for quilting. 

Not sure if it's small enough for me to quilt it on the go, but I do have a portable quilting hoop and a huge trunk.  Hm....let's see how that goes.

Now on to the borders.  Decisions, decisions.

I'll be using more Oakshott fabrics (same as the hex shapes) to give it a consistent look.

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