Thursday, January 18, 2007


Today my sister and her husband of 1 year are off to Maui to celebrate their first anniversary together.

I hardly remember our first one, but I know we ate some very disgusting cake before we flew off to take a photo workshop that ended up being better outside of class than actually in it.

This taupe quilt block is one of many that my mom and I are putting together for her as a "wedding" gift. I'm sure it will be quite late, but anyhow, it's still in progress at least on my part. Not sure what blocks we will set w/ these small dear jane blocks, but will have something uniform to go in between then I think.


Jamii said...

Hey, the cake wasn't half bad! It wasn't exactly mind-blowing awesome like it was on our wedding day, but even frozen and half a year old it was better than most...

brandt000 said...

Do you have a photo of the finished taupe quilt? I am planning to do a Daiwabo Dear Jane myself and wanted to look at examples first.