Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yo Yo's gone wild

I picked up this awesome set of tools while I was in Japan. They are by Clover (popular notion company) and are toooooo much fun. Since I'm on asia time still, I was up until 3am last night playing with them.

They allow you to make yo yo - like thingies, but in shapes of either hearts or cherry blossoms.

Very cute. Ok, so don't get any knots in your thread, and also, you may want to make sure your thread is long enough to make it round the whole thing. I'm sure this is included in the instructions, but since my Japanese reading skills leave something to be desired...


Tallyhoney said...

Is this the regular yo yo maker tool?


Quilt Otaku said...

Hi tallhoney.

It's similar to the clover yo yo tool, but it's in a special shape. I'll put a photo up on the blog of both the heart and flower versions for you this week!

Thanks for asking,