Thursday, March 29, 2007

Annie Smith's Podcast - Wow!

Annie Smith, who I've mentioned many times before (because I LOVE her podcast!, and pls see her link on the right as well) has recently posted her podcast program #80 on her web site, Oh my goodness!! She mentions me (I'm blushing), the trip to Japan & meeting other quilters and listeners of her podcast (Hi Nancy and Josey!!) and all the fun I'm having learning more about quilting in Japan.

What a huge honor, wow, that is so cool. Thanks Annie for taking time in your busy schedule to answer my voicemail and for all the dedicated work you do for us listeners.

Above is a picture of the cover of Yoko Saito's book on 156 pieced blocks. Instructions in the book are all for hand work, (no paper involved!) but think I could probably also convert some to paper pieced blocks. Anyhow, the book is awesome. If you don't have your copy yet... ISBN978-4-529-04331-1.

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