Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quilty goodness - en route

I finally got to the post office today, to mail out the apples to apples doll quilt, so that is happily on its way.

My other acomplishment for the morning was getting a little humbug bag mailed off to my friend, Nancy. It will be waiting for her at her new address, when she does finally move there, returning from Japan. Hopefully she likes it. I got some friendly feedback that the fabrics I used were a little on the crazy side. (Maybe it's not cute after all?) Oh well...I like it. I'm sure she will too.

Ok, so you know I am on this wool kick...I think there are some places out there like this - that - and the other thing (Weeks Dye Works - does this stuff not look incredible?)...where one could buy some very cool wool online. I am thinking of designs to use up my recently aquired wool...stay tuned!

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