Friday, May 9, 2008

Babyschool quilt

Our 2 yr old son drags a tiny little infant blanket to school with him, which is way too small, so I decided to quickly put together this little quilt for him.

Luckily, I picked up this farm house fabric when I was at the Purl Soho warehouse in S. California some time ago. I got this green and red color as well as pink.

I couldn't find it on their web site anymore, but I did find it on Superbuzzy, and wow, it's even on sale. There used to be some there in taupe brown colors, but (ahem) somebody just bought the rest of that bolt.

Different topic: Are you hooked on Woot yet? Do you Woot? Have you gotten something cool from this month's Woot-off?

Apparently, all the dude-geeks (yes Carlos, that means you) already know about this, and I'm the last to visit this incredibly cool, super clearance, electronics web site.

And I promise to say more to answer your fabric calligraphy questions next post, I swear.


Natalie said...

I feel like I have hit the mother load of intriguing, tempting links... thank you! I'm off to browse!

Charlene said...

That farm house fabric is too cute!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Kates said...

OMG MARISA I CHECK WOOT EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not only that, but half of the t-shirts I own are shirts! I absolutely LOVE everything woot!

...Sorry I got realy excited there. Haha

Happy Mothers Day, Marisa! =]

Starry Night Hollow said...

I have never heard of Superbuzzy but I am hooked now. They have the cutest stuff!