Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday Quilt - almost turning 3 years old

I am not sure I like the ring that the number '3' has to it.

Having a 1 year old or even a 2 year old boy really sounds like you still have a very small little person living with you. Having a 3 year old has a very different feeling in my mind, and I can hardly believe my tiny darling little infant (no longer!) is going to turn 3 very soon.

In preparation for his birthday, and as therapy for me, I I decided to applique the 3rd number block.

Each year, on our son's birthday celebration, I bring out a quilt block with white background and the birthday number appliqued down. All the party participants sign and wish him well. I have enough blocks planned to make a 4 x 4 matrix, of 16 total blocks.

While I was at it, I made a couple more blocks too just to get ahead, since they whip together so quickly. If interested in how I make them, let me know and I'll cover in future posts.

Oh, and other HUGE NEWS! I'm finally getting taken off the Two Small Farms CSA wait list. Let the veggies roll on in.


CLU said...

If you think 3 is big NOW, wait until baby gets here. 3 will seem like an adult. It's a strange phenom.

Lynn said...

Congrats on being taken off the wait list! Maybe you can help me decide what to do with all the veggies :p

Kates said...

that quilt square is too cute. where is my age quilt?


*not bitter*

quiltdet said...

Knowing your tastes I thought you would be interested in this search. Can't remember if you ebay?

Sorry I haven't written sooner. We sat next to each other a Road and you featured my blue and white quilt earlier this year. I was sorry to hear that you won't be at Road. I signed up for classes with May Kerr. She is an AQS certified appraiser. Although her classes aren't sponsored by AQS, I hope to keep expanding my knowledge base.

Anyway I love your blog - it's one of my very favorites.


sherry said...

yes yes. tell us how you make your cute number quilt block. i was thinking it would be cool to make an alphabet book.