Sunday, July 20, 2008

Japanese Indigo Quilts

When I lived in L.A. I love a quilt shop called Azabu-Ya. It was on Westwood Blvd. and very close to where I was living while I was working at UCLA.

After I moved away from S. California, the shop closed, but is virtual now and offers tons and tons of beautiful Japanese imports, including some awesome blue and white fabrics.

I'm into the real dark ones including geometrics and flowers. The owner, Mariko, even offers guided quilting vacation trips to Japan.

The above fabric panel is one of many that come as a set. This didn't come from Azabu-Ya, I think I picked it up somewhere else, but it just reminded me of that shop and the fact that I have a billion indigo fabrics just begging to be put in a quilt.

It also makes sort of makes me think of myself playing with my two little sons. Of course, one is still in my tummy, but I'm so looking forward to playing with both of them together. Ah, won't be long now. Only 50 more days, give or take.

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Unknown said...

That panel is so sweet! I was recently fortunate enough to acquire some of those panels too. I would love to see you put your indigos into use! I hope you are doing well on your pregnancy. Lovely to hear about your excitment about playing with both of your sons when the time comes.