Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Midnight quilt sleeve

Does it make sense to stay up until midnight putting a sleeve on the back of my quilt just so that I can actually get it into PIQF?

Good idea or not, it seemed the only time I could find to actually prep my quilt for the show. It did actually get delivered on time, 10 min before the cut off to take it there, with the help of my mom and husband (thanks guys).


I found this shop in Campbell, California called Recycle Bookstore. They take your books from you and give you cash or store credit.

I have this idea to clean out all my old novels that I've read, take them there and walk away with some more children's books. That's all we read anyhow these days.

With Halloween only around the corner I decided to pick up a book called New Moon. It's all about vampires.

Does it freak me out to read it during 2 am nursing sessions?

Not really. Well, OK, just a little tiny bit. That's the point though, right?

And if you really want to freak people out, try the "zombify" or "blood stain" functions on your family photos at Picnik.



Kates said...

Oh Marisa.. What a mistake you made extending that challenge on my mom's blog. The McDonald team is LEGANDARY, we'll take you and your hubbie on any day. :)

Yay fall and pun'kins!

Lea said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice sweet comment on my blog.
I see you love Yoko Saito. Did you checked newest issue of Quilt Japan??
Yoko's beautiful Swedish inspired quilt is on cover. *S*

Lea said...

Ooops, It didn't show all URL...
If you want to take a look inside of this magazine, send me your e-mail address, I'll send this URL for you.

kathleen said...

I would stay up late reading PREY (michael crichton) until a chapter ended in a way that would allow me to sleep.
I would also stay up till 3am playing Luminous on the PSP on a weeknight. that was stupid. working on a quilt is not.
: )

Kirsten said...

New Moon! You're a Twilighter, too?! Yay! Only 24 more days until the movie comes out Can you stand it? I can't wait to meet new little man and get together for Hot Chocolate at Msr. Bean. I miss you!