Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nuggets from Heaven

We were wandering through the Apple store last weekend and my husband treated me to an amazing new iPod in purple. I have already established a love affair with it.

As we were leaving the store our 3 yr old saw a chicken nugget laying squashed and abandoned on the floor. His instinctual reaction was of course to eat it.

Luckily we got to him before he got to it, but it was a close call.

The guy behind us exclaimed, "Cool, free food."

Sorry to gross you out, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Oh, and according to the above photo, I was crazy enough to start another chevron scarf, even though I really cannot knit, but I love having something portable that is easy to pick up at any time.

In other cravings...I am LOVING the Civil War Diaries blocks being made by Judy of Quilting with Ragdolls. What beautiful work.

Think that book may find itself into my collection.


Natalie said...

If that's what I could produce *from not knowing how to knit,* I would be knitting all the time. Your scaf looks pretty and comfy.

Judy said...

Well that certainly looks like knitting to me!!;)Great kitting in fact!

Those CW blocks are just so fun to make, but the obsession killed my hands. I need to start doing a few here and there so I can get my quilts put together. Thanks for the compliment!

Liz said...

That scarf looks amazing - I am impressed. My daughter would have done the same thing with the chicken. he he he...

findingflow said...

I don't get it - what was wrong with the chicken nugget?

kathleen said...

when Nick and I first started dating, I decided to impress him in the local college cafe by juggling giant gumballs (no lie). I stood up, juggled 3 gumballs, but in my excitement I dropped one which rolled across the carpet, and under tables like an ecstatic meatball filled with glee in his escape.
I embarrassingly ran around people to retrieve it and upon doing so, in all instinct and absolutely no thought-process, threw it in to my mouth.

and he STILL married me!! so, if Addison does this again when he's 22, he might find a WIFE. ; )

Kates said...

Ooooh I really like the new colors on that scarf. Beautifal!

Okay quick craft question: So I'm working on a simple scarf for Daniel's mom as a Christmas gift, but I'm having some serious curling issues. Is there a way to iron it out when I'm done?

OH and I have another sewing issue! I want to sew a lining into this new swimsuit I bought but I have no idea how to go about doing it, what sort of fabric to use, etc. If you have ANY idea let me knowwww :)

Oh, and you can just email me at, probably easier. And then I can stop spamming your blog with craft quesitons. :P


jennifer said...

oh my gosh that is too funny! I can just picture him getting ready to put that nugget into his mouth. LOL The scarf looks so beautiful.