Monday, February 16, 2009

Hand Dyed Fabrics

The above is a picture of a quilt that was hanging up at PIQF last year, I did not make it, but I drooled over it and photographed it a couple of times. The quilt maker took a class from the owner of Primrose Gradations.

Primrose Gradations used to be my favorite vendor at PIQF. Each year I would visit their booth and scoop up pieces of fabric large and small.

Their colors are awesome, and really were 'my kind' of fabrics.

I made a baby quilt for a friend's baby using exclusively their fabrics.

Until now, I thought that they were out of business, but it looks like you can buy their fabrics online! Yip-eee!!!

I'm dying (har har har) to take a class from them on how to dye fabric. Maybe some time in the future. They don't live all the far from my in-laws.


Kathie said...

would love to see more of this quilt, it is just beautiful
I tried to answer your email and it is set at no reply.
aahhh beautiful fabrics!!!

Journeying Five said...

that quilt is sensational!