Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Today is Fat Tuesday - the day before the start of Lent - a season in which Catholics often give up something ie. coffee, sweets, diet coke...I'll be giving up all of those three. Think I'll make it to Easter without cheating?

Here's another fabric design that I made with my fav new buddies at Spoonflower.

Being able to design your own fabric and have it sent to your door is such an awesome pleasure.

My one concern with their fabric is - will it stand the test of washing and UV and time in general? I suppose the only way to answer that is to make a quilt with it.

Chalk another project onto my to do list.

In case you feel the urge to applique a tulip quilt, please visit Samsy and check out the adorable block that she just made. Love it!!


Cecile said...

oops ! I would wash the fabric alone first, before making a quilt !

Kates said...

Loving the new fabric!

And how can you possibly live without diet coke? I don't think I would make it...

Also, would you mind showing my newest blog entry to Addison? I kind of made it for him. :)

Love to the four of you, this last weekend's visit was so fun!!

Ravenhill said...

Another beautifully designed fabric. You had better look out Marisa... you're career in making quilts may be short lived as your fabric designing talents become known... you'll be so busy making fabrics for us!
Happy weekend!

Laura said...

Wow I haven't heard of designing you own fabric, how cool! Yours is awesome, you are definately good at this, both design and color.