Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quilter/Knitter Photo Contest: Let the games begin!

Wow, I'm thrilled that so may of you want to play along with the photo contest! Let's do it!

Above is my 'before' photo (as you may have guessed).

Photo Contest Rules:

1) If you want to participate, leave me a comment.
I'll assume all those that commented on my last post are already participants, but if you haven't commented yet, please do so I can add you to my list.

2) Take a 'before' photo of either a finished project or a project that you are working on now. Your project should be something handmade (ie. quilt block...knitted you are making...etc). Post the photo on your blog or flickr. It's the honor system, so try to restrain yourself from reading my rockin' photo guide before you snap the 'before' photo.

3) Read, follow instructions, and gain inspiration from my Blogger's Guide to Photography: your pictures will rock in 10 painless steps.

4) Take an 'after' photo and post it to your blog or flickr. I want us all to have at least a few weekend days to shoot photos, so I'll check back on your progress on Monday night Pacific Time, March 23rd, so finish your photos by then. Leave me another comment when your 'after' is posted so I can check it out!

5) If you play, you'll have a chance to win a fat quarter of the above fabric that is designed by me and produced by Spoonflower. I'll randomly choose the 2 winners out of all those that participate, so good luck!


Turtle said...

oooh, sweet fabric, i'm in!

Kates said...

I think even I'll give it a go.

And lose to all your crafty friends :)

patchwitch said...

I am not very good at taking pics so it is a good chance to improve my skills.... let's give it a try!

beinred said...

Ok I have my before picture up...

AnnaVallance said...

Just posted my before photo. Love your fabric.

Shasta said...

Thank you for making that guide. I've been thinking about how to get my quilt photos looking more artistic. Most of the time the quilt is shown flat on the floor. I have to get on a chair to get it all.

marianne said...

I'm in! I'll take my photos this weekend!

Sue said...

I am in and have posted my before pic of my hand made pet items on my blog

Sally Hess said...

Ok, I posted my before and after photos... They are at
I think I have a lot left to learn!