Monday, May 18, 2009

The Sarah Johnson Quilt

I started a Wedding Signature Quilt ages ago, based on the Sarah Johnson Quilt.

It's a historic quilt from 1826, with the pattern created by Froncie Quinn of Hoopla Quilts.

For some reason I'm re-interested in this quilt again, and starting to get pieces together to make more blocks.

Let's see how far I get.

I also counted up how many 'in progress' quilts I have, and I think it's about 15.

What's your magic number? Is 15 a lot? It sounds to me like hardly a good start at all.


Cynthia said...

If by "in progress" you mean tops to be pieced, I'd be thrilled to get my number down to 15. If you include tops to be quilted well . . . nope not going to own up to that number. In some ways I think quilting has just aggrivated my ADD. I know I have at least 2 projects that are 10 years old and I'm still convinced I'll finish them. Actually one is nearly finished - which is about the point where so many projects stall for me. Silly I know, but that's what I do.

Simon - aka Bloke said...

15 - I would be in sooo much trouble as I have not yet devised a method of hiding them from eyes who have no business in the sewing room/s.


Ravenhill said...

Oh, that is so cool! Do you really have 15 quilts going? That sounds so amazing. I dream of starting a quilt... You are full of inspiration as always! Hope you are having a lovely week.
~Emily xx

AnnaVallance said...

If you have 15 quilts on the go, then that means that you will have 15 quilts when they are all done. At the moment I have 6 on the go but I'm hoping to increase that number.

Bunny said...

I just did a quick tally of the ones I can remember having started and reach 15 pretty quick! My 9 year old keeps telling me I am not allowed to start new projects... but... I am weak.

Brooke Everett of be in red said...

I've got three that are slowly going.