Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gifts from afar - Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2010 and Yoko Saito

The other day, I went to my mailbox to pick up a package sent to me by Foong Ming.

She is a quilter, a reader of my blog, and happened to also be going to the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival last January.

Inside of the package were two books that she got there for me.

The first one is a catalog of all the winning quilts at the Tokyo quilt show. This publication is amazing and beautiful. Each of the quilts is a work of art and the photos are just stunning. I have always wanted to attend this show, and now I feel like I have been there. So very cool.

The second book is by Yoko Saito, called "Daily Quilt" - ISBN978-4-529-04780-7.

I was looking through this book, drooling all over the amazing taupe quilted item patterns. If you don't have this book it really is worth adding to your library.

While I was reading, thinking how sweet Foong Ming was to send these to me, I saw the first page of the book.

She had it SIGNED and ADDRESSED TO ME!!! by none other than the famous YOKO SAITO!!!

At this point I almost fainted, ran and showed it to my husband, and I'm now calling this book my favorite book in my entire collection.

Thanks again Foong Ming. You rock! Sending a virtual hug your way...all the way from California to Singapore.


Vicki W said...

What a fabulous gift!

Colleen said...

Super cool! You're a lucky gal. :)

Shasta said...

Wow that is a great gift! Quilters are the best.

Kathie said...

what a wonderful gift, lucky you I know you will always treasure them

Lis said...

What a great gift, quilters really are good givers.

sewpam63 said...

Swoon!!! Aren't quilters the BEST!? Treasure you treasure. ; )

XUE said...

I was also at the Tokyo Quilt Fest this year & met my favourite quilter, Keiko Goke, who signed a book for me. I am truly lucky since I live in Tokyo, where I can get easy access to my favourite Japanese fabrics! I also used to live in Singapore. Happy Tuesday from Japan!