Monday, March 29, 2010

Pulling out all the stops

Where we live here in California, it gets quite warm in the late spring and summer. It isn't a far drive to Lake Tahoe though for some good clean fun in the snow.

I pulled out every last hat, glove, scarf, and other random knitted item that I made my family over the last couple of years and dressed them up in it all.

"It ITCHES, Mommy!" was the refrain of the weekend. They were overall pretty good about it though and in the end, wearing a silly beanie that your mom made you is still better than a cold head.

Maybe I'll knit some lighter weight something up for this summer. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about the summer deadline to enter quilts into PIQF and wondering if I could finish something in time.

And if you're looking for some cool photos from Yoko Saito's recent class in Norway, check out Emily's blog Ravenhill and Una's blog Samsy for some beautiful photos of the purse class they took from her. Sigh...wishing I was there with you both!


Colleen said...

My hat didn't itch. I was just fine. :)

Una said...

I would love to wear a silly beanie, even though I do not know what it is - it just sounds like a fun thing to wear;)

You should have been there. I was thinking about you:) Often during the day I had to pinch my arm - intensely wishing I knew a bit more Japanese than just "hai". xo