Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japanese taupe fabrics & wishes for Japan

Showing a photo of some fabrics that I recently got from Verb.

They are all imports from Japan.

Reading many headlines about their recent earthquake and the loss left behind.

When you live in California, like I do, you understand the impact they can have. Cannot help feel for families touched by this horrible natural disaster.

Thinking thoughts of recovery and comfort for those in need.

I went to our local yarn shop this afternoon with my friend Sharon of Knits are for Kids. She picked out yarn to start a new sweater.

She will have it knit up in no time, while I still lack the courage to start an adult sized sweater. Maybe it's because I have so much quilting to do!


Dorothee said...

Beautiful fabrics, what will you make? I too feel for Japan, as most people do, of course... Such a tragedy for such a strong and beautiful country...
Maybe this year, we can motivate each other to knit an adult-size sweater... I'm SO scared myself, but I know you definitely have what it takes, you're a pro!!

kathleen said...

sooo pretty!!!