Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oakshott fabric: cheaper than other addictions, right?

Once the daffodils start showing up, you gotta think that spring is not that far away.

These little beauties are brightening up my kitchen.  Can you see my doll quilt collection behind them on the wall?  

Finally, my friends at A Verb for Keeping Warm have in their stock some awesome fabric from Oakshott.  This fabric glows from the inside.  It's almost impossible to imagine how it looks when you see it in person, but you really have to see it, feel it, and quilt with it in order to understand why one could (hypothetically of course) become addicted to it.

I have of course talked about this fabric before...

Anyhow, if you are at the Voices in Cloth show this weekend, pls do say hi to me if you see me there.  I hope to be floating around on Sat. and perhaps in the Verb booth at times if I get lucky.  To keep the Oakshott fabric company, of course.

Been reading I'm a Ginger Monkey blog and have a hankering for some plastic templates to make a new quilt...can I resist them?  Only time will tell.


Kathie said...

OH my gosh I am so thrilled with the legos, they are just sooooo fun!
Thank you so much for sending them to me I was so surprised! couldn't find your email address :)

AnnaVallance said...

I just had a look at the new fabric and I don't usually buy plain fabric but this stuff looks awesome. So glad to hear that spring is not far off.