Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Which Came First...and an upcoming quilt show: Voices in Cloth

I know, I know, we'll never know which came first.  Firstly though, I am addicted to these teenie MochiMochi knits.  I will have to be restrained in order to stop making them.  I knit one for my mom as a thank you gift for her every time she visits me.  I would love to figure out how to knit a super tiny R2D2 robot.  She got this little golden chicken in the mail today.  I don't think it actually lays golden eggs, but you probably don't need to feed it either.

Raise your hand if you are heading off to the East Bay Heritage Quilt show called Voices in Cloth this weekend!  

I hope to go and take some photos for you.  There is a special exhibit by the Oakland African American Quilt Guild that I'm excited to check out.

With any luck, my modern quilt block patterns will be for sale there at the Verb for Keeping Warm booth.  They are a little difficult to print and mail out without bending them, so it's a great chance to get them if you're so inclined...

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Corinne DeBra said...

What great little figures - lots of close work must have gone into these. I think I'd need my Sea Monkeys magnifying glass, and little micro tools.