Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shibori: traditionally created Japanese textiles

Another treat I had while at the Voices in Cloth quilt show, was running into Debbie of Kasuri Dye Works.  She used to own a shop in Berkeley, CA that I loved to visit.  When they had sales the line to get in would wrap around the block - it was really crazy.  These days, she does a handful of shows a year, and unfortunately does not have an online shop.

Her fabric is amazing though, so if you get to catch up with her, it is a real treat to see her fabrics and just to meet her.

You can easily find information on how Shibori is created.  There are many techniques.  My personal weakness is for the indigo dyed pieces, as that captures a certain vision I have in my head of traditional Japanese textiles.

I have always wanted to make another kimono quilt.  Many people have made them.  I made one ages ago as a wedding gift.  I hardly even photographed it before I gave it away.  Oops.  Sigh.


Kathie said...

everytime I visit your blog I want to try what your showing! love this..
yes i would love to make a kimono quilt and also would love to make a japanese quilt with all those beautiful indigo blues, scrappy and then learn how to do sashiko quilting on it...a dream of mine for sure.

Bridget said...

HI, Marisa! I just gave you a Liebster Award! Check it out on my blog.

Bryan's Japanese Textiles said...

Thank you for doing such a good job at introducing Japanese textiles to the outside world with such clarity.