Friday, January 17, 2014

Swiftly moving along

2014 seems to be in full swing for us, moving along quite swiftly, pun intended.

It's the calm before the baseball season storm rolls in with less after school duties and a tiny bit more free time.

Channeling my optimism, I wound up some skinny yarn into a ball.  It's Anzula, sock weight, and I will someday make a Boxy sweater out of it by Joji Lokatelli.  Probably not on my short term project list, but still...on the radar.

I'm not in love with my clover yarn ball maker.  Someday I hope to get a more serious one, perhaps the Heavy Duty Yarn Yarn Ball Winder from Nancy's Knit Knacks.  Will take some saving up first.

In other news, Stitches West is coming up.  If you knit and live in Northern California, it's worth checking out.  I'll be in the argyle sock class with a few of my best buddies.

And a random thought, I found some baker's twine from The Twinery that is to die for that has silver sparkles in it.  I want to wrap everything with it.  Maybe I've lost my mind.  Perhaps it's time for the weekend.

Hope you have a great one

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