Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Psycho Sew

First of all, a HUGE thanks to all of you for your sweet and kind comments about the new baby.

We are still having so much fun with our new little Daxton, and he has easily stolen all our hearts. Even our 3 yr old is in love.

All it took was a little nudge in the right direction, and I had a crazy list of low hanging fruit projects I could easily finish.

Here's my wild list of all the things I decided to finally put to bed:

1) Sew up feedsack pillow for the booth (done, see above in all it's glory). Handy to tuck under an elbow for nursing comfort.

2) Finish apron that I bought fabric for ages ago (done).

3) Sew 34 stars on husband's birthday crown (done).

4) Block chevron scarf - yes, it's actually done, folks, and I was crazy enough to start another one in blue. Can only block half of it at a time due to it being long, and my ironing board being the spot of choice.

5) Fix sad curtain hanging on window of front door with unfinished edges (done, thanks for shaming me into it, Katie).

6) Finish making table runner for dining room table out of reclaimed kimono fabric (half done).

7) Put sleeve on newly acquired 1930's trip around the world quilt (off to work on that now if I don't pass out first).

I think all of this means that I'm starting to finally feel a bit more like myself these days. Recovery from having a baby is still a slow process, but I think I've started down the path at least.

Oh, and if you are ever in San Jose, California, I must encourage you to check out Flower Flour for breakfast, lunch, or snack. They make some incredible baked goodies, lunch yummies, and a very mean latte. Bonus that I can walk there in about 5 min.


Natalie said...

You accomplish all of that after having a baby? Recovery from having a baby is a slow process, which is why I still point to my nearly 4 yo baby whenever anyone asks what I've accomplished! I am in awe, and I should be asking for your guidance and advice...

Karissa said...

Wow! You have been amazingly productive! Great job! Would love to see that 1930s quilt once the sleeve is on...!

Julie said...

Hey, that's a lot!

Kates said...

Hahaha I shamed you into nothing. I just made a comment. :P

It's adorable, by the way. :)

kathleen said...

I didn't like Tiramisu... until I had the Flower Flour tiramisu. yummy.

And that is quite an accomplished check list you have there.